Ashleigh’s Senior Portraits at St. James Farm | Benet Academy, Lisle High School Senior Portraits

We had another gorgeous morning at St. James Farm to create beautiful portraits of the lovely Ashleigh. She has such long beautiful red hair! I love the brick and black tones with her hair and outfit.

I love the sunlight falling on the field behind her.

This brick patio was a great compliment to the colors of Ashleigh’s outfit.

We finished up with some lacrosse images!

“C” Family at St. James Farm | Wheaton, Winfield & Warrenville Family Photographer

I had a wonderful time creating family portrait artwork for the “C” Family. It was easy to capture their genuine connection to each other. This is the 28″ canvas portrait that they have in their new house. Can’t wait to hear how they are enjoying it!

Here is an example of using a family portrait as the main piece in a collection and incorporating it with a portrait of the kids together and mom and dad together. Makes a stunning focal point for above the Living Room couch.

I love the relationship between these siblings. My brother closest in age to me (I have several younger brothers) is a couple of years younger than me, I’m guessing a similar age spread to these two. I remember how high school was when we (mostly) stopped fighting and starting enjoying each other! It’s great to see those sibling relationships develop into lifelong friendships!

Once again, I love these emotional connections! Can’t wait to photograph their son’s senior portraits next year. It will be here before we know it!

Hayley’s Senior Portraits @ St. James’ Farm | Benet Academy, Lisle High School Senior Portraits

Hayley and I had a beautiful sunny morning creating her senior portraits.

We got a nice little breeze here…

I love how the sunlight accented her gorgeous long brown hair.

Just love how the trees surround her in the background.

This portrait would be beautiful above the fireplace!

Have a wonderful senior year, Hayley!

Liz’s Senior Portraits at Cantigny Gardens | High School Senior Photography, Wheaton North High School

I met Liz through her big brother, John, when we did his senior portraits last year. She came along on his session and this last year just flew by and now it is her turn to be a part of creating beautiful portrait artwork pieces! These first two portraits are the ones that she and her mom chose to display on the wall in their home. Liz was wonderful to work with. She made it easy to get beautiful portraits!

I just love how Liz’s shirt coordinates so beautifully with the flowers in the background.

Here’s one idea of how to use senior portrait artwork as part of a families’ home decor

Not much more lovely than a girl in a field of blue, purple & yellow flowers!

Susan’s Senior Portrait at Cantigny Gardens | High School Senior Portraits, Wheaton North High School

I had so much fun working with Susan to create her senior portrait artwork! She has a wonderful and friendly personality and a natural ability to strike naturally beautiful poses. We started in this spot with Susan in her red dress and I love how she is complimented by all the yellow flowers and green arching tree branches. Susan is the younger sister of Alex, who was one of my first high school senior portrait sessions, back when I didn’t think I wanted to do high school senior portraits. I really had no idea how much I would love creating portrait artwork for high school seniors! Silly me.

This is the portrait that Susan and her mom chose to hang on the wall of their home.

We did a series of images near the end of the session in this little field. There were so many wonderfully blissful images to choose from that it was hard to narrow them down.

This is how I would envision using a series like this one from the field as a wall collection in a Dining Room setting:

Another location with the red dress. Loved this dress on Susan! Just really matched with her fun loving personality.

These pink snapdragons were a great accent to the blue and white striped dress!