“T” Family, Adams Park and Back Alleys of Wheaton | Wheaton Family Portrait Photographer

I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone. Once the weather warmed up, we got particularly busy. I’ve been working hard to get everyone their artwork and have barely had an opportunity to update the blog! Hoping to get a few posts up in the near future as we head into the fall! This was an extended family session that we did in late June in downtown Wheaton. It’s always wonderful to get multiple generations into the portrait. I love how there are three generations in this portrait. Grandma now has a framed 28 inch beautiful portrait of her children and granddaughter to hang and enjoy in her house.

“H” Family at St. James Farm | Wheaton and Warrenville Family Photographer

For most of this session, we did portraits of this family along with their good friend. I’m actually still working on those images, but I had this family portrait finished and decided to put it up on the blog as a small “sneak peek.” There will be more coming from this session in a few weeks. I think it started pouring about 20 minutes after we finished this session!

“M” Family at Churchill Woods Forest Preserve | Glen Ellyn Family Photographer

After a long cold winter and a slow and chilly spring, families were a little skeptical that warm weather would ever arrive. So the outdoor portrait session started a little later this spring. The “M” family was one of my first outdoor sessions for the spring of 2014. We did this session in mid-May, on what would normally be an unseasonably chilly (mid-50s if I remember correctly) morning, but was fairly typical for this spring! This was the family wall portrait that they chose. It looked great as a 24 inch canvas. Despite the cool temperatures, we had a lovely session and got some really beautiful images.

This next family portrait was one of my favorites. I’m experimenting a bit with some new border artwork…

So photogenic…

“T” Sisters at Cantigny Gardens | Wheaton, Warrenville & Winfield Child Photographer


This was one of the later season outdoor sessions that I did this fall. These were done after the first hard frost of the season. There was still plenty of beautiful color, but it was starting to look much more like late October. These girls were really great to work with and had a lovely relationship together. They came along with their mom to the ordering session and made immediate friends with my daughter and went off and had fun together while their mom and I made all the artistic decisions on their portrait artwork. She ended up getting a number of wall portraits that traveled to Ghana over Christmas. So now, along with my portraits that are in Ireland, I can say that I have artwork hanging around the world, at least on 3 different continents!

I did some of our new painting finish on these last two images. Its hard to see on the blog, but the painting gives the foliage a really beautiful texture.

My Family Portraits at McDowell Grove Forest Preserve | Naperville, Lisle and Warrenville Family Photographer

I liked the black eyed susans at McDowell Grove Forest Preserve last fall that I took my family back the day after I did the “P” family portraits and did our own family session there. One of my assistants, Danielle, came along and helped me with the portraits so that I could be in some of them!

This one is my favorite of our family. Its eventually going to hang as a framed 48″ painted portrait in our Dining Room. I say eventually because it takes me awhile to get to my own personal artwork!

Daddy and the kids!

Apparently they occasionally find me interesting and amusing:)

Mommy and the kids!

The oldest one. He was early on in ninth grade when this was taken and I can’t believe he’s already finishing up ninth grade. I know high school is going to fly by for him. He’s definitely turning into a man. Wow.

My sweet little girl, who went to middle school this year. I’m going to try to keep her my little girl for a while longer…

My baby. Getting a little bit big to climb on my lap, but we still accomplish it sometimes…

Me and my awesome hubby. We’re coming up on 19 years next month. Couldn’t have wished for a better man.