Caroline’s High School Senior Portraits | Wheaton Academy, Lincoln Marsh, Senior Portrait Photographer

We had a gorgeous day last fall to photograph Caroline’s senior portraits. Caroline ended up with a gorgeous album of beautiful images. I had so much fun working with Caroline and her mom, Kay. We had a nice little breeze — perfect to really show off Caroline’s AMAZING hair! Thankfully, we didn’t have too much breeze!

I put Kay to work, holding onto a flash to occasionally to get some added hair accent light:)If we don’t have enough sunlight in the right place, sometimes we make a bit! Thanks for being a good sport, Kay.

Caroline is going to my alma mater. It’s a great school. Have a great freshman year, Caroline, you are going to love it!

Testimonials | Family, Children, Baby, High School Senior Photographer, Kim Johnson Photography

I’ve been working on this post for awhile now and I want to make sure and get it up on the blog. Eventually I want to get a portrait posted with each of the testimonials, but that is taking me longer to do than I had hoped. So I’m going to go ahead and post these testimonials and I’ll add the portraits as I have time. I’ll also be adding testimonials to this post as I get them, so check back often. And if you are a past client and there isn’t a testimonial listed for you, I’d love to include you! Email me your testimonial and I”ll add it! Thanks!!!

“Kim, Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with our family portraits at Cantigny.  We absolutely love them, and look forward to working with you again!

I’m still amazed at how many beautiful images you captured that day and how relaxed and at ease you made us feel during the photo session and during the entire process.  I also appreciated your advice on the clothing options, and your patience, eye for detail, and demand for quality of the artwork.

You listened and understood so well what type of pictures I was wishing for.  But as you might recall, I had low expectations of you getting any good pictures of our girls together, because when I had tried to take their pictures myself, my 22-month old usually didn’t cooperate and both are shy with strangers.

Well you worked your “magic” on them, and made it fun taking pictures with “Miss Kim” and captured the most beautiful and artistic pictures!  I just wish we could keep them all…  You delivered everything on my “pie-in-the-sky” wish list, and you made my vision a reality that we now have hanging on the walls of our home.  Incredible.

Thank you so much for sharing your talent, and we wish you much success!” – The Pereiras, Wheaton, Illinois

“My 18 year old son was not looking forward to having his picture taken. However, Kim put him at ease immediately. She was able to get some great images, including a collage of soccer “action” shots. His senior portrait captured the boy he is today and hints at the man he will become. Thank You!” — Cheryl Patrick, Naperville, Illinois

“Thank you Kim, for the beautiful images and care you took with the process of our family portraits.  You were wonderful with the children, and your suggestion of St. James Farm helped make the photos even better. Your care for families and the artistic process was greatly appreciated.” — Sunny Jonas, Wheaton, Illinois

“Best Family Photos Ever! Kim, we can’t thank you enough for the wonderful photo session. You have a unique ability to create natural, interactive family poses that made for many special, memorable photos unlike anything we’ve seen before. These are without a doubt the best photos we have of our children. We were very appreciative of how you crafted various photo layouts for us to visualize how an arrangement would look on the actual wall spaces in our home. We will treasure these family photos always and look forward to you capture moment in our children’s lives again in the future.” — Gwen and David Anderson, Wheaton, Illinois

“I learned about Kim Johnson Photography through a children’s consignment shop I frequent in downtown Wheaton, called Wear & Share. I was blown away by the level of professionalism and service we received. The quality of work Kim provided us with was more than we could have ever imagined. Kim was great with our 2 and 5 year old and was able to capture images that we will cherish forever. The finished results of our portraits was well worth the investment! Not only did we receive high quality work and service but we now have family pictures that we can cherish forever and that’s priceless.” — Aprel Mabson, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

“Kim was flexible and worked with us to get each of us to relax. The setting was gorgeous and she caught the light perfectly. Getting a good image of everyone is quite a task and Kim managed to get so many it was hard to choose. WE LOVED THE EXPERIENCE! Thank you, Kim!” — Carol Sherby, Wheaton, Illinois

“We have had many professional photos taken of our children over the years but few family portriats. Our experience working with Kim has really changed that as she makes it all so easy. The outdoor shots were all amazing which meant narrowing them down to only 16 was a hard task! I didn’t think it was possible to get so many amazing shots until I met Kim. We also loved that once the pictures came in, they came to our house and personally hung them! They are truly a work of art and we are so happy we decided to go ahead and do it! Thanks, Kim, for all your hard work!” — Sheri Billing, Wheaton, Illinois

“We couldn’t have been happier with the whole process from exploring options to the final product. I have never relished getting my picture taken, but I have to say we really enjoyed the photo shoot. Kim created such a relaxed and natural environment for us that we actually had fun together, as if we were having a family outing that she happened to capture on camera. Now as I catch a glimpse of our photos on our wall as I pass by, I am reminded of the joy of being together as well as preserving a visual memory of my daughter at the age in which the pictures were taken.” — Mary Warner, Beverly Shores, Indiana

“We have used Kim Johnson Photography twice now for portraits of our son, and we have absolutely loved our experience. She is our favorite photographer, by far! Not only were the photos beautiful and captured our son’s personality, but even the photo session gave us memories we will hold onto forever. It was such a joy to see our son interact with Kim and witness the ways Kim was able to creatively get him to show his true self. Now we can carry those moments with us far into the future. This artwork of our son and the time Kim spent creating it will be a constant reminder of these early days in our son’s life, and there is no way I can put a price on that. Kim’s attention to detail and eye for what makes a portrait unique is apparent in every single piece we have. I have had friends tell me they wish they had received such personalized care and amazing artwork when they had portrait taken of their own children, which makes me doubly grateful that we chose to use Kim’s services. Thank you, Kim!” — Anna and Nam Phan, San Antonio, Texas

“Every few weeks I still stop in my foyer hallway (where many of the pictures are on display) and take a few minutes to just stare at each photo and remember how much fun we had that day on the beach while you were taking the shots. I proudly point them out to visitors and love listening to their accolades. I am SO glad that we made the investment in these fabulous photos. They are truly family heirlooms. In fact our kids have started asking when we are going to have them taken again!” — Patty Waters-Heflin, Vienna, Virginia

“Our girls’ portraits are absolutely stunning! They look beautiful in their frames. Seeing them all lined up completely took my breath away. I look forward to having people over so they can be wow’d by these gorgeous portraits. I tell everyone about our wonderful experience with Kim.”  — Diane Galo, Wheaton, Illinois (fall 2010)

“While remodeling our house, we did some special planning around our girls’ portraits! We planned our dining room space specifically so that the 3 portraits can be hung with perfect symmetry on the largest wall which is also visible as you walk in the front door. We added painted pv-panels to the room, with spacing definied by the dimensions of the framed portraits and put in ceiling spotlights to shine on our daughters’ smiling faces! You should plan to stop by to see how beautiful it all looks!” — Diane Galo, Wheaton, Illinois (fall 2012)

“Working with Kim was a great experience for my whole family. She was professional and friendly and has an amazing eye. We received more compliments than ever on our Christmas cards this year. The most difficult part was choosing just one of the poses for our large family room portrait, but now my family is left with beautiful pieces of art that will last a lifetime.” — Erica Bray-Parker, Wheaton, Illinois

“What is unique about Kim Johnson’s photography is the ability to capture the subtleties of a person’s character in a still photo. I look at a photo she did of my son over and over and cannot believe how she captured his lurking twinkle. I like the way she does not shy away from real moments but captures them as what is most worth saving.” — Katherine Ruch, West Chicago, Illinois

“We used Kim Johnson photography for a family photo recently.  Her service was outstanding, and she provides an uncompromising level of service for her customers.  The photo session took about an hour and a half, and she was great with our 9 month old daughter!  In 90 minutes, we had several outfit changes and diaper changes, and still wound up with a great selection of excellent photos to choose from.

After the photo session, Kim called us a few weeks later to let us know that the photos were ready to view.  We met her at her house, and she projected the photos on the wall so that we could see them nice and big, the size that we would be ordering.  She had coffee, tea, and snacks for us, and set the photos to a slideshow for us to enjoy.  We were stressed out about having to choose only a few photos from such a great selection, but she helped us through the selection process and we were able to decide on a great grouping of pictures to order. We would highly recommend to anyone looking for very high-quality prints to hang in their home!” — Rich Facko, Wheaton, Illiniois

“I bid on a portrait package Kim had at a rotary event and received a lot more than I expected.  We used our package for my son’s senior high school pictures.  Given that boys don’t really like to pose for pictures, she did a phenomenal job.  She was creative, having him pose in different doorways in Wheaton and found just the right ways to bring out his natural smile.  I highly recommend Kim for any of your photography needs.” — Wendy Flaherty, Wheaton, Illinois

“Kim has been taking pictures of my kids for years, and I wouldn’t go to anyone else! She has a knack for getting the kids to smile and pose in ways that look natural, not forced in the way that many formal portraits look. And my kids always enjoy the experience!” — Marci Johnson, Three Oaks, Michigan

“Whether taking photos of my family or my son two weeks after he was born or subtly documenting my organization’s most important events, Kim Johnson has captured some of the most important moments in my life through images that are artistically creative and personally captivating. She is a consumate professional, a joy to work with, and a truly gifted photographer.” – Trevor McMaken, Wheaton, Illinois

“You are our FAVORITE photographer and the ONLY one I would call to take pictures of my kids, my family, and head shots for myself.  You are truly gifted in actually catching the essence of who we are and our relationships to one another on film. Not only do you shoot artistically awesome group shots, but you are always able to surprise us with amazing candid, spontaneous pictures.  You are such the favorite with our family that we are more than willing to actually fly to Chicago in order for you to take pictures of all of us.  The pictures you take always make the trip worth it!  Thank you so much for the gift of stopping time for us, if only for a moment.  My favorite pictures of me with my children were taken by you.  Every time I see them, I smile!  We are looking forward to our next photo shoot with you!” — Heather Roberts, New York, New York

“Thank you for creating our wonderful family picture.  Although attempting a family picture with young children has many challenges, I was so impressed with how quickly you were able to move us into a variety of positions and outstanding settings to capture a natural, beautiful looking family photo.   In addition, your calm and relaxed nature helped keep the kids enjoyable which allow for some amazing individual portraits of them in which you showcase a little of their own personalities. Thank you for these photos.  I just love them!” — Pam Williams, Wheaton, Illinois

“T” Family on Location in Wheaton | Wheaton Family Portrait Photographer

I had the opportunity earlier this winter to photography Jennie and Dave’s extended family. Their kids are all grown up now with children of their own. Everyone was able to get into town at the same time and they took the opportunity to do portraits of everyone together. We were able to gather together on a very snowy evening in early January. I love to capture portraits that show the beautiful legacy of family!

What a blessing to have grandkids ranging in age from teenager down to baby!

We had to make sure and get a portrait of Nana and Grandad with all their grandchildren. The baby was starting to get a little tired, but he was a trooper and we managed to get a beautiful portrait before he completely melted down!

Finally a portrait of all the adults. I love how happy everyone looks, especially considering this was at the end of the portrait session!!

High School Senior Portraits | Wheaton North Football

We created this first portrait at 3 in the afternoon on a warm, sunny fall day (I’ve almost forgotten what it is like to be warm this winter!). I enjoyed working with the blue skies and my flashes to create the dramatic feel. Without the extra lighting, this image would have been nice, but not particularly dramatic. After coach drove by and had a little “fun” with John, I think John was starting to wonder if it had been a good idea to head up to the high school. I showed John a few images from the back of the camera, so he could see that the images we were getting was worth a little bit of ribbing from coach! I think that was the moment when he changed from “resigned participation to keep mom happy” to “wow, I really love that last image she just showed me!” It’s a pretty awesome feeling as an artist to take someone from being an indifferent (maybe even unwilling) participant to active and excited about the concept of their finished art pieces. And I have to say that it looks even better all finished and framed as a 20×30 wall portrait!

The Kim Johnson Photography “Give Back” Program to Help Your Charity Event

Are you involved with a local charity or school that is seeking donations? We’d love to help you! We love to give back to the community by supporting local charities, schools and organizations, particularly when they benefit local families!

In 2013 we donated over $20,000 in photography goods and services to local charities such as The Rotary Club of Wheaton, Longfellow Elementary School, Clapham Christian School, Metropolitan Family Services of DuPage, the Junior League of DuPage and Kane Counties, Evangelical Child and Family Agency, Emerson Elementary School, Wheaton Montessori Academy, and many others.

We love supporting and helping nonprofit organizations through auctions and other events.

Traditionally in silent auctions, donors compete against each other for a single item and the charity receives just one charitable gift. We have developed a program that maximizes your donations with a multi-winner auction item. Traditionally, only one winner will donate to your organization. With our “Give Back” program there is no limit to the number of winners. Everyone that pledges $99 to the organization will receive our $400 portrait certificate.

This Give Back approach increases the donations to your organization. For example, in a traditional auction, the $400 portrait certificate might have a 5 bidders for the single certificate with a top winning bid of $250. A multi-winner approach would permit all the bidders to win with a donation of $99 each. In this example, the organization ends up receiving $495 in donations, essentially double amount from the single winner model.

With our Give Back approach, each bidder receives a $400 portrait certificate and the organization is not limited by only one winning bid.

In fact, at $99, more individuals will be willing and able to support your organization. Since there is no limit on the number of bidders, the dollar amount of the giving will increase for your charity event.

Why do we do this?

We want to help in the community and we believe in the important work that the charities and schools in our area are doing. We want to give back.

Here’s the details…

We provide an auction kit and detailed instructions to make set up and implementation as easy as possible. We will provide a beautiful canvas wrapped portrait representative of our artistic work, a framed sign clearly explaining the multi-winner auction offer, Kim Johnson Photography Investment Guides, and a sign-up form.

We believe these pieces represent the value of the $400 certificate that we are donating. When your supporters see what they receive for their $99 bid, the number of bids will increase, resulting in increased funding for your organization.

The sign-up form requests the individual’s full contact information so that we may follow up directly through the mail with the $400 portrait certificate, a thank you letter for donating to your organization, and a welcome packet to the studio.

All portrait certificates are mailed out within 1 week of our receipt of the donor sign-up sheet.

Kim Johnson Photography will honor as many portrait certificates as there are donors, but the certificates are limited to one per family.

The Kim Johnson Photography Give Back program is an easy way to increase the success of your fundraising auction.

If you are not holding an auction, we have other plans and ideas that help charities raise money for their organizations, call Kim Johnson Photography at (630) 886-7289 to discuss ways that we can help raise money for your organization!