“T” Sisters at Cantigny Gardens | Wheaton, Warrenville & Winfield Child Photographer


This was one of the later season outdoor sessions that I did this fall. These were done after the first hard frost of the season. There was still plenty of beautiful color, but it was starting to look much more like late October. These girls were really great to work with and had a lovely relationship together. They came along with their mom to the ordering session and made immediate friends with my daughter and went off and had fun together while their mom and I made all the artistic decisions on their portrait artwork. She ended up getting a number of wall portraits that traveled to Ghana over Christmas. So now, along with my portraits that are in Ireland, I can say that I have artwork hanging around the world, at least on 3 different continents!

I did some of our new painting finish on these last two images. Its hard to see on the blog, but the painting gives the foliage a really beautiful texture.

My Family Portraits at McDowell Grove Forest Preserve | Naperville, Lisle and Warrenville Family Photographer

I liked the black eyed susans at McDowell Grove Forest Preserve last fall that I took my family back the day after I did the “P” family portraits and did our own family session there. One of my assistants, Danielle, came along and helped me with the portraits so that I could be in some of them!

This one is my favorite of our family. Its eventually going to hang as a framed 48″ painted portrait in our Dining Room. I say eventually because it takes me awhile to get to my own personal artwork!

Daddy and the kids!

Apparently they occasionally find me interesting and amusing:)

Mommy and the kids!

The oldest one. He was early on in ninth grade when this was taken and I can’t believe he’s already finishing up ninth grade. I know high school is going to fly by for him. He’s definitely turning into a man. Wow.

My sweet little girl, who went to middle school this year. I’m going to try to keep her my little girl for a while longer…

My baby. Getting a little bit big to climb on my lap, but we still accomplish it sometimes…

Me and my awesome hubby. We’re coming up on 19 years next month. Couldn’t have wished for a better man.

Mother/Daughter Portraits at Hurley Gardens | Wheaton Family Photographer

We got a lovely late September morning to photograph this mother with her daughter. This little girl had tons of fun personality.

Really like all the pink and whites going on in this portrait.

I love her impish little pose here…

“M” Family Portraits in Downtown Wheaton and Adams Park | Wheaton Family Photographer

The “M” Family was a pleasure to photograph. We had a really nice fall session. The kids were adorable and the Mom was beautiful and just starting to show in her pregnancy with their third. 

As you can see from the above portrait that it took a little while for their daughter to warm up to me. But once she did, she had the best expressions!

And their son was personable and I don’t think he stopped smiling the entire session!

Looking forward to photographing their family with the new baby!

“P” Family Portraits at McDowell Grove Forest Preserve | Naperville & Lisle Family Photographer

The “P” family really wanted fall foliage in their portraits. Last year we had a really warm fall (I know it’s difficult to remember, but I spend a lot of time outdoors creating portraits, and it was an unseasonably warm fall). We originally scheduled these portraits for early October, but had to move the session at least once because we just weren’t getting any fall foliage. We finally got some color about the middle of October and were able to get out to McDowell Forest Preserve, which was a new location for me, but I immediately fell in love with it.

Because of the warm fall, there were still a bunch of wild black eyed susan flowers blooming, so that made for a really great combination of fall foliage and striking flowers in this family portrait.

It started raining as we were finishing up the session, but we were still able to get some great images of the kids together and some of mom and dad together. They ended up getting a beautiful wall collection of framed pieces that I’m sure has been a wonderful focal point in their house.